Lynn-Holly Johnson (Bibi Dahl)

Lynn-Holly Johnson (born December 13, 1958) is an American professional ice skater and actress.

Film information

Bibi Dahl played by Lynn-Holly Johnson is the second Bond Girl in For Your Eyes Only. When Bond visits Aris Kristatos through his contact Luigi Ferrara, Kristatos introduces them to Bibi.

Bibi instantly takes a liking to Bond and she shyly asks Kristatos to ask Bond if he will accompany her to the biathlon.

When Bond returns to his hotel room he finds the shower running. When he opens the door to see who it is, Bibi emerges wearing just a towel before getting into bed and disposing of it. Bibi invites James to lie beside her to which Bond politely declines.

Whilst at the biathlon Bibi shows Bond another person who she has been keeping her eye on, a German ice-skater, Eric Kriegler. Bibi only appears in a couple of other scenes, one to say goodbye to Bond in Cortina and a few scenes atop of Kristatos’ hideout.

Character information

Bibi Dahl is sponsored by Kristatos in the hope of her winning the Olympic gold medal for ice-skating. The scene with Bibi in Bonds hotel room is a bit embarrassing for Bond when Bibi asks him to join her in bed. Bond politely declines, as he is old enough to be her father!

At the end of the film Bibi and her trainer Jacoba Brink plan to leave Kristatos after learning of his various involvements, something Bond and the team help achieve when Milos Columbo kills Kristatos.


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