Teri Hatcher (Paris Carver)

Teri Lynn Hatcher (born December 8, 1964) is an American actress. She is known for her television roles as Susan mayer in the series Desperate Housewives, and Lois Lane in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. In 2005, her Desperate Housewives work won her the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and the Screen Actor’s Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actress in a Comedy Series, as well as a Primetime Emmy Award nomination in 2005.

Film information

Paris Carver played by Teri Hatcher is the last Bond Girl of Tomorrow Never Dies. M suggests to Bond that he recreates his previous relationship with Paris to find out information about Elliot Carver.

Paris meets Bond at Carver’s launch party, where she makes it clear that she is not interested and he wont get any information from her.

Carver is suspicious of Bond and of his wife, Paris. After Henry Gupta, one of Carver’s henchmen tells him that he suspects Bond of being a government agent that Paris knows about, he arranges Paris an ‘appointment’ with Dr. Kaufman. Paris changes her reluctance to help Bond when she spends the night with him in his hotel room. Sadly Bond later finds her dead in his hotel room, killed by Dr. Kaufman for betraying Carver.

Character information

Paris Carver is the wife of media baron Elliot Carver. While Bond and Paris had a previous relationship, Bond left after he thought she was becoming too close to him. Paris’ love scene with Bond is very sensual, an act that seals her death by Carver. Bond is clearly upset when he finds Paris dead, as she was one of only a small number of women who he emotionally cared for.

While the role of Paris is a short one, it is well played by Teri Hatcher who looks stunning in her elegant black dress.

3 responses to “Teri Hatcher (Paris Carver)

  1. Paris must have known what happens to other Bond girl when they leave
    Their evil masters But she lets herself seduce by the suave agent and Bond
    Does not learn from the past he at least should have stay away from her
    Well I think she though I am immune

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