Tanya Roberts (Stacey Sutton)

Tanya Roberts (born Victoria Leigh Blum; October 15, 1955) is an American actress best known for her roles in Charlie’s Angels, The Beastmaster, A View to a Kill, Sheena and That ’70s Show. Roberts was groomed as a Hollywood sex symbol during the early 1980s. Blum was born in The Bronx, New York City, of Irish and Jewish descent. Her father sold ink pens. She lived with her mother in Toronto for several years, where she started formulating a photo portfolio and laying plans for a career. At age 15, Blum abandoned her studies to get married and lived for a while hitch-hiking across the United States, until her mother-in-law annulled the union.

She moved to New York City and became a sought-after fashion and cover model. After meeting a psychology student, Barry Roberts (while waiting in line for a movie), she proposed to him in a subway station and they were soon married. While Barry pursued a career as a screenwriter, Tanya began to study at the Actors Studio with Lee Strasberg and Uta Hagen.

Film information

Stacey Sutton played by Tanya Roberts is the second Bond Girl in A View To A Kill. Bond first spots Stacey when she arrives by helicopter after Bond is talking to Sir Godfrey Tibbett on the balcony of their room at Max Zorin’s estate in France.

Bond later breaks into Zorin’s office and by using Q’s mini copier Bond learns Zorin’s last cheque was to Stacey for $5 million.

As Bond is about to close lift doors in San Francisco after talking to W. G. Howe, he notices Stacey. After following her home, Bond breaks into Stacey’s house, and is confronted by her pointing a shotgun. Bond takes care of a couple of Zorin’s goons who break in, confirming Bonds trustworthy intentions to Stacey.

After escaping a fire at City Hall started by Zorin in an attempt to kill them, Bond and Stacey travel to an old abandoned silver mine to stop Zorin’s plans to destroy Silicon Valley. After the mission is completed Q is seen sending in his robot ‘snooper’ to find the whereabouts of 007, finding Bond and Stacey taking a shower together.

Character information

As the only child Stacey is handed her fathers company Sutton Oil when he died. In the middle of a legal fight with Zorin to take over Sutton Oil, Zorin pays Stacey the $5 million to buy her shares and take over Sutton Oil, an offer she declines.

While Tanya Roberts does have a sexy persona, the character of Stacey Sutton is an uninspired one. She loads her shotgun with rock salt and frequently finds herself in dangerous positions where she screams, “Help me James!”

Other information

Tanya Roberts also stared as Julie Rogers, the last Angel, in the last series of Charlie’s Angels (1980-81).

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