Alison Doody (Jenny Flex)

Alison Doody (born 11 November 1966) is an Irish actress and model.

Film information

Jenny Flex played by Alison Doody is the fifth villain of A View To A Kill. After James Bond arrives at Zorin’s French château for the horse sale, Jenny Flex greets him and escorts him to his room.

Jenny Flex later provides a distraction when Sir Godfrey Tibbett gets the car washed, allowing May Day to enter the 1962 Rolls Royce unnoticed and murder him. Jenny Flex is killed at the end of the film when she is double-crossed by Max Zorin and left to drown in the abandoned mine.

Character information

Jenny Flex is the beautiful henchwoman working for Zorin. Working with May Day and another colleague they eliminate anyone or anything that gets in their way. Apart from being a lover of horses, little else is learnt about the character of Jenny Flex.

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