Carmen du Sautoy (Saida)

Carmen Du Sautoy (born 26 February 1950  in London, England) is an award-winning leading actress who has worked extensively in theatre, television and film. She has played a wide variety of roles with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre, in London’s West End, and in New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Madrid, Berlin and in many other major theatres worldwide.

Film information

Saida played by Carmen du Sautoy is the second Bond Girl of The Man With The Golden Gun.

After Moneypenny informs Bond that Bill Fairbanks, 002, was seen with a belly dancer in Beirut before he was killed, Bond decides to investigate.

Bond meets Saida in Beirut where she takes a liking to Bond. Saida is pleasantly surprised when Bond visits her in a backstage room. After complimenting Saida on her dancing, Bond introduces himself as a friend of Bill’s. Bond tries to remove Saida’s lucky charm, the remains of the bullet that killed 002. After a fight and swallowing the bullet accidentally, Bond manages to get the bullet examined by Q.

Character information

Little is known about Saida, a belly dancer dancing in Beirut. Former lover to 002, Bill Fairbanks, he died in Saida’s arms when shot by Francisco Scaramanga.

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