Lois Maxwell (Miss Moneypenny)

Lois Maxwell(14 February 1927 – 29 September 2007) was a Canadian actress.

Miss Moneypenny played by Lois Maxwell appears in fourteen James Bond films from Dr No up to and including A View To A Kill. In Dr No, Miss Moneypenny establishes the relationship with Bond that would remain for the next twenty-three years. In From Russia With Love, Miss Moneypenny still attempts to seduce James Bond but to no avail.

Moneypenny furthers her attempts to get Bond to visit her by promising to bake him a cake in Goldfinger, but Bond politely declines however when he tells her he has a business appointment. After telling him that’s the flimsiest excuse he has even given, M calls through on the radio telling Moneypenny that Bond is dining with him tonight, giving her renewed hope.

Miss Moneypenny continues her flirts with Bond in Thunderball, although is caught out by M when she refers to him as ‘the old man’. In You Only Live Twice, Miss Moneypenny tries to trick Bond into repeating his Japanese SIS codeword (“I love you”) to her, but Bond gets wise to the plan. Moneypenny gets some comfort however in following M’s orders to tell Bond to report whilst Bond enjoys a romantic moment with Kissy Suzuki.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service showcases perhaps the most important and impressive Miss Moneypenny scenes for Lois Maxwell. After telling Moneypenny to hand in his resignation into M, Bond is upset and disappointed when M approves the memo without comment; that is until Moneypenny advises him to read the memo – two weeks leave. In an emotional scene at Bond’s wedding, Bond throws his hat at a crying Moneypenny before leaving for his honeymoon. Diamonds Are Forever sadly features only a small scene with Miss Moneypenny. Appearing as a customs officer at Dover, Moneypenny works with Bond to take on the identity of Peter Franks. When asked if he can bring her anything back from Holland, Moneypenny replies to Bond, “A diamond, in a ring” leaving him to comment “would you settle for a tulip?”

Live And Let Die only features Miss Moneypenny in a short scene where she helps Miss Caruso hide from M in Bonds closet. After she thinks she has a chance in The Man With The Golden Gun after Bond calls her ‘darling’, she sulks into M’s office when Bond is only trying to get information from her. Once more Miss Moneypenny is barely seen in The Spy Who Loved Me who appears in two extremely short scenes. Sadly, once again Moonraker fares badly for Miss Moneypenny who appears in only a couple of very small scenes. For perhaps the first time Moneypenny flirts with Roger Moore’s James Bond in For Your Eyes Only, like the excellent scenes with Sean Connery’s Bond.

Octopussy marks the penultimate appearance of Lois Maxwell’s Miss Moneypenny. Bond is treated to a delight when he sees the beautiful Miss Penelope Smallbone, Moneypenny’s new assistant. Bond amusingly covers his interests in Miss Smallbone by not too convincingly telling Moneypenny how beautiful she also is. Unfortunately A View To A Kill marks the last appearance of Miss Moneypenny played by Lois Maxwell. She does however end her famous participation in the Bond series by accompanying Bond, M and Q to the horse racing at Royal Ascot where she gets perhaps too involved in the racing!

Character information

Secretary to M, Miss Moneypenny is always happy to welcome Bond for his meeting with M. Since Dr No, Miss Moneypenny has held a special relationship with Bond, flirting with him at any opportunity, hoping the world’s most famous secret agent will succumb to her charms.

Lois Maxwell is the classic Moneypenny. Her scenes with Bond are comical and always welcome in the film. Bond enjoys her numerous flirtations, however their relationship never goes any further. Her portrayal of Moneypenny is loyal, caring, hoping (!) and a very good friend. She is always the first person to help Bond if she can, and does so on many occasions.

Jill St John (Tiffany Case)

Jill St. John (born August 19, 1940 in Los Angelas, USA) is an American actress.

Film information

Tiffany Case played by Jill St. John is the first Bond Girl to appear in Diamonds Are Forever. Bond travels to Amsterdam to meet Tiffany posing as international diamond smuggler Peter Franks.

After meeting Tiffany, who slyly checks Bond fingerprints to make sure he is Peter Franks they talk business.

Tiffany tells Bond what his job is in the next part of the diamond smuggling process that runs from the beginning of the film. Bond and Tiffany follow the path of the diamonds throughout the film, where after Bond reveals his true identity he discovers the plan for the diamonds. Bond learns that Blofeld is using the diamonds to create a satellite based laser weapon. With the help of Willard Whyte, Felix Leiter and marginally from Tiffany they manage to stop Blofelds plan.

Character information

Tiffany Case at first seems like a good adversary for Bond, where she checks his fingerprints to make sure he is Peter Franks. However as the film progress this intelligent, informative character falls foul leading to an almost blundering hindrance. Tiffany seems to change “sides” a number of times throughout the film depending on which situation seems to suit her best. What appears to be an interesting character at the start of Diamonds Are Forever turns out to be average, despite Jill St. Johns excellent acting talent.

Other information

Although seemingly naive and easily lead at times, with an IQ of 162 Jill St. John is very much unlike the character of Tiffany Case in Diamonds Are Forever.

Lana Wood (Plenty O’Toole)

Lana Wood (born Svetlana Nikolaevna Zakharenko Russian: Светла́на Николаевна Захаренко on March 1, 1946) is an American Actress and producer. She was born to Russian émigré parents, Nikolai and Maria Zakharenko, and is the sister of actress Natalie Wood. Her first major role was at age 9 in the John Wayne western The Searchers. She was a regular on the soap opera Peyton Place.

Film information

Plenty O’Toole played by Lana Wood is the final Bond Girl to appear in Diamonds Are Forever. As with a number of other Bond Girls, Plenty’s introduction to Bond is famous.

Plenty walks up to Bond and says cheerily “Hi! I’m Plenty”, leading to Bond’s response after looking at her ample cleavage “But of course you are”.

Plenty meets Bond whilst he is playing craps in The Whyte House. Starting with $10,000, Bond manages to make $50,000 and gives $5,000 to Plenty for her “help”. Uncharacteristic for Bond, he wishes Plenty goodbye but she decides to take Bond for a drink. We then see Bond take Plenty back to his hotel room where 007 starts to undress her. Unknown to Bond, Morton Slumbers men are waiting and escort a topless Plenty out of the window more than 10 stories up into a pool below. Looking down from above Bond comments to Morton Slumbers men “Exceptionally fine shot”, to which the reply comes “I didn’t know there was a pool down there!”

Although nothing to do with the diamond smuggling, Mr Kidd and Mr Wint kill Plenty by drowning her in Tiffany Case’s pool after mistaking Plenty for her.

Character information

Plenty O’Toole certainly knows how to use men for her advantage. She likes to gamble, but with other peoples money. Plenty is first seen gambling with another mans money, but when he comments he is out of cash and suggests they “Go back to my place” she gives him the brush off. On her way to find her next victim, she hears Bond ask for $10,000 credit at the craps table and introduces herself.

Even though 007 gives Plenty $5,000 for her very limited help, she thinks he is ‘a bit strange’ but decides she’s on to a good thing. It is her involvement with Bond that, like some other Bond Girls, causes her death.

Other information

Plenty O’Tooles death is not explained properly in the final cut of Diamonds Are Forever. Featuring in deleted scenes, Plenty is seen taking Bond out to dinner. After she is thrown out the window she returns to Bonds room to see 007 and Tiffany in bed. After discovering Tiffany’s address in her handbag she decides to pay her a visit. However when Mr Kidd and Mr Wint pay Tiffany a visit they mistake Plenty for Tiffany leading to her death.

Trina Parks (Thumper)

Trina Parks (born December 26, 1946 in Brooklyn, USA) is an American actress, vocalist, choreographer, principal dancer and dance instructor.

Film information

Thumper played by Trina Parks is the tenth and final villain of Diamonds Are Forever. Part of a duo alongside Bambi, Bond encounters these duo at Willard Whyte’s house in Las Vegas.

Acting as Whyte’s captors Bambi and Thumper use their athletic and gymnastic skills in a tag-team fashion to beat-up Bond. When it looks like Bond has truly met his match in this unusual way, the action continues into the swimming pool. The tables are turned on Bambi and Thumper when they loose all their cat-like abilities causing Bond to take control, holding these scantily clad beauties underwater until they surrender.

Character information

Thumper, like Bambi is expert in gymnastics and their tag-team terror has a definite toll on Bond. Bambi has little to say, but the fight sequence they are involved is comical and entertaining.